Friday, December 25, 2009

This year will be better

I've slacked pretty hard to get this thing started. I promise with this new year that I will be trying to do this blog better. I'm trying to get focused on what exactly this blog will be all about besides the random happenings of my life. So with that, here we go:

This is a picture of my cousin, my stepdad and myself. As you can see, I have a crazy huge beard and it was totally gross/rad. My stepdad has been married to my Mom for 21 years and has been way more of a Dad to me than my real father. I hate his politics and religion, but hates mine as well. The other gent in the photo, my cousin Greg, was released from jail a mere couple of weeks before this picture was taken. He was in jail for almost 12 years. He has spent more time in jail than any other person I've ever met. He sold a bunch of drugs and then was falsely accused of rape. Even though his rape charge was later overthrown he was forced to finsihed his sentence because of Florida's "3 strikes, you're out" law. This picture freaks me out.

I found this picture on my Grandfather's computer. I'm at my grandfather's house right now. I'm really bored and I can't wait to go home. Earlier today I told my family that they hate America and told them to fuck off. It was dramatic.

Monday, February 16, 2009

this is liz mcgrath. she is my favorite artist. I like her dark unique style. Its seems to me what Tim Burton would do if he was a homeless punk girl in LA. You should watch this because it is awesome. I've been a fan of Liz's for a couple of years now. I really enjoy her limited edition low priced items. For a while she was selling one of a kind meat cleavers for like $20 and they came in really cool custom designed boxes. If you have time you check out her website. .

In other news, I tried something I've never done today. I found a listing on for an audition for a student film. So I said fuck it and went for it. I'm pretty sure my audition sucked, but I'm really glad I did it. There is so many things that I've always wanted to try, but never did. Now that I'm out of school though, I've just had this urge to try things that scare me, things that I wouldn't normally do. So I did it. I don't know if I got the part and I really don't care. The fact that I tried is enough for me.
I think the fact that people are affraid to try new things is the reason that our society hasn't progressed beyond the capitalist television culture we've built. Why try when you can watch Anthony Bourdain do it? We, as a society, are just giving up. I know I've given up many times. It's time that we just say "fuck it!"

Fuck it.

I'm gonna try more. You should to. I'm going to try to meditate even though I think it is hippie bullshit. I'm going to poop in the toilet sitting the wrong way. I'm going to walk around the block walking backwards. I'm going to tell my Dad that I think he was a terrible Dad. I'm going to tell a homeless person that I just don't want to give them money. I'm going to cry in front of someone. I'm going to write something really meaningful on a bathroom wall. I'm going to write the IRS and ask them if its cool that I don't pay taxes anymore. I'm gonna try.

CS in the Badlands

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first of all

I'm writting this for a new years resolution. I'm not sure what I will be writting about. I think I'll mainly write about my thoughts and experiences as a young adult in America. I'll write about things I love and things that disgust me, things that make me really happy and things that make me want to kill myself. I want everyone that wants to know to understand what it is like to be me. I want to share myself with you, the reader. You might not like what I say, I probably won't like what I say, but I have to say it for some stupid expressionistic reason that plagues me when I'm sitting still. Please leave feed back! If you hate what I say and think I'm a big dumb idiot, I want to hear it. Most of all, thanks for reading. No matter what you think, say, believe, eat, worship, or dream. Thanks for being you.

CS in the Badlands