Tuesday, January 13, 2009

first of all

I'm writting this for a new years resolution. I'm not sure what I will be writting about. I think I'll mainly write about my thoughts and experiences as a young adult in America. I'll write about things I love and things that disgust me, things that make me really happy and things that make me want to kill myself. I want everyone that wants to know to understand what it is like to be me. I want to share myself with you, the reader. You might not like what I say, I probably won't like what I say, but I have to say it for some stupid expressionistic reason that plagues me when I'm sitting still. Please leave feed back! If you hate what I say and think I'm a big dumb idiot, I want to hear it. Most of all, thanks for reading. No matter what you think, say, believe, eat, worship, or dream. Thanks for being you.

CS in the Badlands