Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Death Metal Lyrics #1

Blackened by the blood and shit
My soul is in agony.
My guts rot
and my eyes melt.
The demon sinks its teeth deep into the flesh.
Poison fills the body
and pops the head like a zit.
The aborted raise an army
and eat the holy magots.
Strangled, murdered, beaten, stabed
mauled and torn apart.
Smashed face guts ooze
licked clean by millions of dead whores.
Deafening screams
turn to gurgling of blood and dirt,
turning to zombie rage.
Battalions of the blood thursty
Killing the living
Killing the dead
Seas of cum
and pus
and blood
flood the empty streets.
The dead
eating the dead.
My soul fills their guts
Dead brain pus dessert.

Hearts, CS in the Badlands.

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